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Bronwyn is a self taught artist who lives on Vancouver Island on the beautiful & wild coast of British Columbia.  Her devotion to creating stems from the desire to keep ancient art forms alive. Through ethically sourcing materials to supporting the slow fashion movement, she believes in the power of art with a message.  Each piece merges the intricacies of spirit & the wild together, by means of beauty, time and education. For we do not know, what we do not know, and to inspire others, we must first live it ourselves. 

La Loba is a manifestation of the wild, of the one who recognizes the life cycles of each life, intricately cycling through life, death & rebirth, a process in which all living creatures experience.  Through this transformation, we can then access our deep wisdom & create from our heart & our soul.

Thank you for being apart of this journey, and supporting timeless art. xx 

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