Frequently Asked Questions

How should I care for my crystals?

Through the magical energies of crystals they are doing a lot of purifying, amplifying and transmitting energies in your crystal jewelry. therefore they need cleansing to be able to serve you to the fullest degree.  Ways you can release stored energies that no longer serve you are through cleansing your crystal jewelry pieces on a regular bases with smudges such as sage smudge, lemongrass & palo santo.  Other ways to cleanse are with direct moonlight (especially full moon medicine nights) & direct sunlight.  

What Happens if I'm dancing too hard or giving my crystal jewelry piece too much love & something breaks?

Please send it back my way & I will gladly fix it for you free of charge.  Some of us like to bring our crystals with us on every adventure be it up a mountain, exploring the world or raving on the dance floor, I get it, they are our partners in crime.  

Does La Loba offer custom orders?

Absolutely! I will gladly custom make you a product with you in mind and with desired crystals or desired metaphysical properties.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.